What is Chino? Memories and Imaginaries if Asian Latin America on post at MoMA

 Floating Library   aboard the Lilac Museum Steamship

Floating Library on Columbia University's New Learning Times

Aquarium from Austronesia

Taparaco Myth

ACAW Field Meeting Take 2: An Afterthought as part of My Art Guides: Venice Meeting Point

Artsy and Asian Contemporary Art Week

Van Lier 2015 Visual Art Fellow in residence at Wave Hill Gardens. Download press release.


On View Now Through October 25th at Wave Hill 

Artist Talk will take place Saturday October 24 at 1:30PM.  Event info here.

Installation view, Sunroom Project Space, Wave Hill, Bronx, NY // Acrylic and decal collage on ceramics, ink on paper // Dimensions variable // Photo: Stefan Hagen

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